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I had my doubts at first, but it's all clear to me now; Games Workshop is stalling for time. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Games Workshop, or GW, the people behind the ever popular Warhammer 40k, have just announced their newest 40k product, and despite what it seemed they were hinting at, it's not the Imperial Guard. No, it's something completely new, called the Militarum Tempestus, what seems to basically be Super Imperial Guard. Now, I'm not against anything new that GW puts out, in fact, it can turn out rather well, like the Imperial Knights did (talk about them later); but (there's the magic word that I'm probably going to be using a lot), while the Knights were a welcome edition, GW creating what are essentially Titans on the cheap (compared to Forge World), these new Militarum Tempestus guys just seem... unneeded. To me, they seem like upgraded Guard, in fact, this looks like something Forge World would come up with, not GW. As most of you know, GW releases something new at least once a month, and most the time they either upgrade an army or they'll release a supplemental codex, like what did with the Farsight Enclave, but they seem to be doing this a lot lately (releasing supplement codexs that is). First was the Crimson Slaughter, then came Clan Rakuaan (or however you spell it), and now a whole new army that barely has anything and seems very similar to the Guard. It just seems like they're trying to pad out time. The way I see it, they're probably behind on upgrading the next army (which on it is, I have no idea) and so to satisfy the fans, they're releasing small things like this to appease us. Or it could be a blatant cash grab by GW, "here's something new and shiny! You buy now, yes?" I wouldn't put it past them, after all, GW has shown us that they're not trying to please us, they're being a business first and foremost. Well, that's all I have to say now; I might touch on this subject later though. 
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Metal Arm works just fine.
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An enormous Warhammer 40k nerd who still likes the mini game (fuck you Games Workshop, FUCK YOU!), I hope to one day paint miniatures for a living. I'm quite good at it and getting better all the time. A happy day for me is where, by the end of it, my hands are covered in plastic shavings, glue, paint... and blood from cutting my fingers open with the freaking exacto knife. I try to post pics of minis that I've painted (or at least I do now) on DA, yet don't expect frequent updates. I also write from time to time, so you might see a few things I write on here. So, without further adue, LET"S MAKE SOME MAGIC! (cookie to anyone who gets that reference :D )

Also, DON"T THANK ME FOR THINGS IN MY NOTES! Please, please do it in the comment section of my profile! Thank you.

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